Round Table Servants

Creating a Safe Place for Children of the South Boston Community

Round Table, Inc., is a charitable non-profit corporation organized under the IRS Code 501(c)(3) and established in 2008. Round Table's mission is to help adolescents and families in South Boston and the surrounding communities before times of crisis in the family and to prevent future alcohol and substance abuse issues in teenagers. Our goal is that through having abstinence, athletics, and art programs we can encourage the development, growth, and support of young people. 


About Us

One Man Mission Turned to Community Project

Round Table, began with a single goal held by a single man. Contribute in a meaningful and on going to his community. He wanted to offer a safe place for children in his community to go after school. This began with meetings under a tree with a crate of sandwiches and apples. Over time the program has expanded to include a physical building, raised gardening beds, and many more participants.

Daily Activities


After School Snacks

At Round Table we serve sandwiches, snacks, and drinks after school from 4-6. Kids in the community are able to stop by and grab a quick snack on their way home or come in and snack while doing homework, playing video games, and hanging with friends.

After School Drop-In

Not only does Round Table offer snacks we also offer computer access for homework and games. We also have a Xbox and variety of games that kids are welcome to use.


Would you like to support our efforts?

Office of City and Community Affairs
Greater Boston Council on Alcoholism